Castara, Tobago Castara, Tobago - a beautiful and picturesque fishing village

Tobago is an island of small villages interconnected by curving roads with many seascapes and a history of many foreign invasions over the past four hundred years.

Blue Mango Cottages is located in one of its villages, Castara, a picturesque, hilly, fishing village very close to the oldest protected rainforest in the Western Hemisphere. We are on the Caribbean seacoast with a lovely beach on either side of our resort. Both beaches are ideal for swimming in usually calm seas.

It’s an hour’s drive from the airport and less for those who come in to Scarborough by the sea ferry from our sister isle, Trinidad. To find us ~ drive to Castara and take Bay Road No.2 – a short road that leads directly to the main beach. We’re on the right through a flowering arch. What’s more we are very centrally located, within easy walking distance of everywhere in the village. The village has a Cash Point with local currency.

Mornings here begin with the sun rising over the hills. Days end with spectacular sunsets over the sea. Castara is beautiful. One way to appreciate it is by exploring it on foot ~ first the beaches, or a view over the village or a walk through the rainforest, along the river, to the waterfall

Our guests usually begin their vacations enjoying the views and relaxing close to their cottages or apartments, where they soon get visits from a myriad of Tobago’s beautiful birds. Then too, close by, there’s another outstanding beach ~ at Englishman’s Bay. It would take an hour (best in the early morning) to walk along the forested road to it and except for a restaurant at the entrance, the beach is totally natural ~ the perfect place for spending the day.

There would be very little need to hire a vehicle early on, as many of the local tourist activities do not require personal transport. When the time comes to explore the island, vehicles can be rented in the village. Most points of interest on the island are less than a couple of hours drive away. It is best to book a vehicle in advance in the high season.

Castara, itself, is a launching point for a variety of boat trips and excursions into the rainforest. There are no diving facilities, however.

Local restaurants serve breakfasts, lunches and dinners. There are also bars where vacationers and locals share drinks over popular televised soccer games. The shops in the village are good for purchasing fruit, vegetables and basic commodities. The time to buy fresh fish is when the boats arrive in the early evening with the day’s catch,. There is a twice-a-week sale of bread and pastries cooked in a local clay oven.

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